Graham McCulloch Memorial Bursary


gmcculloch_mphotoThe “Graham McCulloch Memorial Bursary” is awarded annually to a deserving high school student in memory of Graham McCulloch. Graham was a passionate road safety advocate and an employee of AFSI.

The award encourages young drivers to explore their early & future driving experiences to build awareness within themselves, their peers and the driving community concerning issues faced by novice drivers.

Download the application form here:
  Application Form


We are no longer accepting applications for the 2019 Bursary.


Winner: Elysha O’Grady
Title: One Choice, One Chance

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Winner: Hannah Hallier
Title: Untitled

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Winner: Gavin May
Title: Road Safety

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Winner: Shauntelle Small
Title: Life is Fragile

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Winner: Brennan Kish
Title: Untitled

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