DriveABLE™ Cognitive Assessments


Advantage Fleet Services Inc. has been providing a wide range of services to the commercial transport industry, associated stakeholders across Canada, and in some US states since 2001. We specialize in creating customized driver training and risk management solutions for our customers by focusing on their unique needs.

We recognize that driver error is the immediate cause of the majority of motor vehicle-related incidents. However, some of these incidents may have an underlying condition associated with driver cognitive impairment as the primary root cause. Cognitive impairment can exist as a result of a medical condition, whether diagnosed or not, medication use, or due to some past incident that has rendered the driver potentially unfit to drive. While physicians provide information to employers about a driver’s physical abilities to operate a motor vehicle, they may not be appropriately trained nor equipped with the tools to ascertain whether a driver may be cognitively impaired and consequently, not fit to drive.

Statistics suggest that a cognitively impaired driver is three-times more likely to cause a crash compared to normal, healthy drivers. As well, medically at-risk drivers demonstrate a 40% greater risk of being involved in an at-fault crash compared to cognitive impairment caused by alcohol abuse.

In light of increasing employer liability associated with Bill C45, cross-border litigation and OH&S regulations aimed at establishing fleets are exercising due diligence with respect to driver qualification and fitness. It is more important than ever before to take necessary precautions to ensure commercial drivers are safe for duty.

Our Services

Advantage Fleet Services Inc. is a duly authorized sales agent of DriveABLE ™ products, including the ExceleRATE ™ program, recognized globally as the foremost method for the testing of mental processes necessary for driving a vehicle. The cognitive assessment tools, consisting of an in office and on road examination, were developed by the University of Alberta after 8 years of research and testing of over 1500 subjects. DriveABLE ™ products have been in use since 2000 by physicians, licensing authorities, worker’s compensation insurers, and commercial organizations.

The VITALS, conducted in an in-office setting, is administered using a specially designed computer with touch screen and 3-button interface that takes a driver through 6 specific tasks, based on 22 weighted metrics. The VITALS takes approximately 45 minutes to perform and is led by a trained and certified assessor who assists the test subject to achieve his/her best results. Cognitive driving abilities such as memory, concentration, good judgement, quick decision-making and hazard identification are evaluated. The assessment is simple to use, unbiased and efficient.

All data gathered during the assessment is normalized and compared to the driver’s demographic (i.e. age) so that he/she is compared only with a similar driver with no discernible cognitive issues. A report is then provided, indicating an accurate prediction of the subject’s ability to succeed during the on-road evaluation.  It also provides an incident risk assessment as related to healthy drivers.

The DriveABLE ™ Commercial On-Road Assessment (CORE), taking approximately one (1) hour, occurs on a specially designed road course with a certified road evaluator and breaks down which driving errors are caused by cognitive issues and which are caused by trainable bad habits.

The fleet dashboard, which maintains data relative to the assessments conducted, allows fleet personnel to graphically review driver results in the areas assessed, identify strengths/weaknesses, and determine the ranking of drivers against their peers in order to make informed hiring and management decisions.


  • Retain employees longer – DriveABLE ™ can pre-screen prospective drivers to determine their cognitive driving ability. Recruited individuals with higher weighted cognitive skills are more likely to stay on the job longer (Transportation Research Board, 2011). With a current shortage of drivers, DriveABLE ™ can help decrease turnover rates;
  • Reduce training and recruitment costs – Save a significant amount of time, money and energy on fruitless training and recruitment. DriveABLE ™ tools can be quickly and efficiently incorporated into annual training and health & safety routines;
  • Maximize safety and reduce risks – As age increases, so does the risk of having a medical condition that will affect driving ability. Approximately 36% of bus drivers are 55 years or older. In this age group, risk of driving injury or fatality increases by 75%. DriveABLE ™ Assessments can help reduce the risk of near misses, incidents, liability costs, and keep safe drivers on the road longer;
  • Enhance current employee wellness initiatives – DriveABLE ™ Assessments can identify the presence of underlying medical conditions that may have been misdiagnosed or may not be known to the driver. Our service is a new and essential component of the health continuum and an indication of your commitment to the health & welfare of your workers.


  • Recruitment: as a driver pre-screening to enhance or replace current road test processes;
  • Post-incident testing;
  • Assessment due to identification of incident trend without clear root causation;
  • Return to work post-accident or injury (i.e. after extended absence, WCB, STD/LTD, LOA, etc.);
  • Annual assessments in conjunction with performance evaluations;
  • Identification of focused training opportunities;
  • Assessment associated with National Safety Code (NSC) or FMCSA medical fitness requirements.

Delivery Models

Internal – the fleet is supplied with the equipment to perform the in-office assessment; DriveABLE ™ develops a primary and secondary customized road evaluation course, based on required criteria and metrics; fleet staff is trained by Advantage personnel to administer the in-office assessment and on-road evaluation; the fleet is provided with access to their web-based dashboard where assessment results can be viewed, printed and analyzed; DriveABLE ™ and Advantage provide ongoing support, as required. Costs are based on DriveABLE pricing models, to be determined, dependent on various parameters.

External – the fleet contacts Advantage to conduct the in-office and on-road assessments at the fleet’s offices or central location, based on their needs (e.g. numerous assessments over a particular period, one-offs); Advantage provides reports to the fleet and works with DriveABLE ™ to allow the fleet access to their assessment results through a web-based portal. Costs range from $400 to $500 per pair of assessments performed, per driver, dependent on volumes/logistics (i.e. travel, expenses)

Our senior management, Associates and Subject Matter Experts (SME) have over 200 collective years of expertise in fleet and safety management. We look forward to the opportunity to become a key resource for you and your drivers. References available, upon request.

“it saves to be safe”