Hire & Retain the Best

Have you ever spent the time and money to hire and train someone, only to find they didn’t work out?
Have you ever hired someone that seemed promising, but turned out to be a hazard behind the wheel?

What if you could utilize a tool that would improve your hiring processes, save precious recruitment & training dollars, and help to reduce driver turnover? And what if that same tool could reduce the cost of collisions, insurance and worker’s compensation premiums, and employee disability payments? Advantage Fleet Services Inc. has the answer…

excelrateIt has been recognized that driver error and condition are the immediate causes of the majority of motor vehicle-related incidents. ExceleRATE is a driver-focussed fleet risk management program featuring a comprehensive assessment process that looks at the various skills critical for safe driving.

Designed specifically for the needs of commercial fleets, ExceleRATE provides managers with the tools to make quick, informed decisions about safety. It remains one of the only assessment systems in use today that provides an easy to read ranking system that is predictive of on-road driving risk. ExceleRATE evaluates the mental abilities of commercial drivers and goes beyond a driver’s abstract or physical exam. Current processes do not look at the mental abilities needed for safe driving and leave a lot of risk factors unknown. ExceleRATE uncovers these risk factors and answers the critical safety questions about drivers that most fleets haven’t thought to ask.


How it Works

  • Customized program to fit your needs
  • We train your driver trainers/assessors to perform both the VITALS and CORE assessments
  • Employee on-boarding materials
  • Road course design
  • Online training
  • Assessment hardware and software
  • Unlimited support
  • Ongoing quality assurance process

An in-office assessment of the critical cognitive skills needed to drive safely

 An on-road assessment, specifically designed to break down which driving errors are caused by cognitive issues and which are the result of bad habits



Retain employees longer – ExceleRATE can pre-screen prospective drivers to determine their cognitive driving ability. Recruited individuals with higher weighted cognitive skills are more likely to stay on the job longer (Transportation Research Board, 2011). With a current shortage of good, qualified drivers, ExceleRATE can help decrease turnover rates.

Reduce training and recruitment costs – Save a significant amount of time, money and energy on fruitless training and recruitment. ExceleRATE tools can be quickly and efficiently incorporated into annual training and health & safety routines.

Maximize safety and reduce risks – As we age, the risk of having a medical condition that will affect driving ability increases. As the median age of truck and bus drivers continues to go up, ExceleRATE assessments can help reduce the risk of near misses, incidents, liability costs, and keep safe drivers on the road longer.

Suggested Programming Options

Recruitment & Selection

  • Pre-hire screening
  • Augment current road test
  • Candidate ranking
  • Identify coachable errors vs. cognitive issues
  • Establish a baseline

Return to Work Analysis

  • Leave of absence
  • Medical incident or illness
  • Personal injuries
  • Due diligence

Fitness to Drive

  • Link to annual performance evaluation
  • Five-year checkup
  • Determine effectiveness of training initiatives
  • Link to license renewals


  • Is a medical condition a contributing factor?
  • Highlight training options
  • Perform in conjunction with trend analysis


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