ATV Rider Safety

Type: Course

Area: School located in New Brunswick – Servicing Atlantic Canada

Length: 7 hours

# of Participants: 3 or 6

Recommended for: 6 years and older


6 – 12 years, ATV – 70cc or smaller – parent/guardian must participate in course

12 – 16 years, ATV – 70cc to 90cc – parent/guardian must be at course location

16 + years, ATV – 90cc or larger


The ATV Rider Safety Course is designed for any individual responsible for using all-terrain vehicles (ATV) for job-related activities or for recreational purposes. The course includes classroom instruction with the majority of time spent on practical exercises. The ATV course is very effective in demonstrating particular riding techniques to the student through practical exercises. The course carries components covering controls, reading terrain, turning and climbing hills.

atv-mudAdvantage Fleet Services Inc. safety courses and programs target behaviour and attitude as the key elements of student training –behaviour influences attitude and attitude influences behaviour.

How will the ATV Safety Course benefit you and your company?

  • Reduce incidents and injuries caused by untrained operators.
  • Provide the operator with the skills and knowledge to proactively respond to treacherous riding situations in a safe manner.
  • Provide guidelines for personal protective equipment standards.
  • Provides behaviour-based training with a significant attitude component.

Course Components

  • Behaviour-based Model (BBS)
  • Climbing Hills
  • ATV and Provincial Legislation
  • PPE for ATV/UTV
  • Controls and their Proper Use
  • Vehicle Characteristics: Wheel Base, Turning Radius
  • Steering, Braking and Acceleration
  • Trailering/loading/off-loading and transporting ATVs
  • Reading Terrain
  • Side Hilling
  • Descending Hills
  • Proper Techniques for dislodging another ATV that has become stuck
  • Fueling and Checking Fluid Levels
  • Tie Downs and Cargo Securement
  • Understanding “Centre of Mass”
  • Rollover Techniques
  • Hands-on Trail Ride

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