“Just wanted to say ‘Thanks So Much!’ to Terry Betts for a great presentation at our annual training day. As he promised, he left us with a lot to think about and many of us have changed our mirrors, strapped loose items down inside our vehicles, and definitely drive more defensively”

c/o: Pam Venes – Coastal WA Operations
re:  AFSI’s “Your Greatest Risk Presentation”

“I wanted to pass on some feedback I got from Bobby – one of our contractors. Grant presented ‘Standard of Care’ for our company contractors/employees. One of the attendees that evening was Dana who is an office manager. I did not realize it at the time, but prior to the training, Dana was a “non-user” of seat belts. A few days later, her seat belt probably saved her life. Dana swerved to miss a deer and rolled her small SUV. She thinks she was driving approx. 50 mph. The room to survive the crash was small, but she survived with only a broken wrist. Bobby credits the training with her survival, and asked that I tell you about Dana.”

c/o: Jimmy Tucker
re: AFSI’s “Standard of Care” & Seatbelt Use