Advantage Fleet Services Inc. (AFSI) is dedicated to helping companies and organizations address the job requirement that is their riskiest daily activity – DRIVING. We assist clients in managing their fleet while reducing or eliminating vehicle incidents. Our goal is to improve safety practices and save lives through behavioural based driver training programs. We provide high quality, customized services in a cost-effective manner and can show companies that “it saves to be safe”.


Advantage Fleet Services Inc. (AFSI) is a proactive risk management/loss prevention firm that has provided services to Canada and parts of the United States since 2001. AFSI’s head office is located Chilliwack, British Columbia, however there is an Eastern Canada Branch office in New Brunswick. Our Associates are strategically located throughout Canada.

Over the years, AFSI has become a one-stop service and training company for a diverse range of organizations and industries. AFSI assists companies who use fleets of vehicles and/or whose employees operate equipment to perform their day-to-day activities, such as forestry, petroleum, education, transportation, government, and non-government services.

AFSI helps its clients manage their fleet, ranging from small to large, in a variety of circumstances. This provides AFSI with a greater pool of knowledge regarding the difficulties many organizations and companies experience in order to mitigate risk. The AFSI team of Associates has a combined 350 years of experience in related fields including comprehensive driver assessments, driver training and compliance expertise, and commercial vehicle incident investigation and collision reconstruction. Many Associates have been trained in risk management, incident investigation and are accomplished presenters/instructors.

AFSI has developed meaningful relationships with its clients, providing a distinct blend of guidance, consultation, and where appropriate, advocacy for those who require assistance with regulatory and insurance issues. Through the enactment of preventative and participatory programs, we help clients increase profits by saving money and decreasing significant expenditures associated with the operation and/or the direction of fleets.