Hours of Service

Length of Course: 4 hours

# of Participants: 8-20

Recommended for:

Drivers who operate a heavy commercial vehicle,


Fleet managers, and


Prerequisites: None


Hours of Service (HOS) will allow participants to:

  • Understand the law (Div 37 MVAR) relating to Nation Safety Code (NSC) HOS rules
  • Ensure drivers do not violate the HOS rules and get mandatory rest time
  • Learn to keep accurate records providing a required paper trail showing compliance

This session is recommended for Drivers and Dispatchers.

Course Components :

  • Fatigue
  • On-Duty Interpretation
  • Carrier Responsibilities
  • On Duty Time
  • On/Off Duty & Driving
  • Work shift Limits
  • Daily Logs
  • Graph Grid

The highly informative session often leads to enlightening discussion. Specific issues and scenarios from the client can be emphasized and incorporated into the presentation in order to customize the material.

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