Fleet Safety Manual


Most commercial carriers have long established policies and procedures that govern safe and efficient operations. However, many fleets have not documented these policies to use as a training or marketing tool, or evidence of due diligence. Compiling these policies and procedures in a comprehensive manual is one of the most significant steps a carrier can take towards risk management.


We specialize in producing fleet safety manuals for commercial transport companies, cities/municipalities, and the forest industry. We also have expertise in the development of standard operating procedures and performing job task analysis, resulting in documented Job Safety Breakdowns, for current or planned operations. The manual must be a living document, indicative of the organization’s philosophy towards safety, its employees and contractors, and operations. The text should be revisited often and reflect the controls the carrier presently has established governing its operations. Every employee should know where the manual resides, have access to it, and be encouraged to consult it regularly.


When incidents occur, carriers have an opportunity to refer to their fleet safety manual, during the incident investigation, to determine if procedures were followed. However, as studies have indicated, often it is the lack of a documented policy/procedure, substandard training or communication of policies, or simply a substandard policy in need of modification that are the root cause of the incident. We have an extensive library of industry “best practices”, specific to various commercial transport sectors, that we draw upon for enhancement of current carrier policies and procedures. We take what clients are doing right and build a program that will work for them, unique to their operation and level of risk tolerance and financial stability. We won’t try to sell you a Cadillac™ safety program, when all you need or can afford is a Volkswagen™.

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