Your Greatest Risk – Essentials & Enhanced

Length of Modules: 1 hour
# of Participants: recommended maximum 20
Recommended for: Everyone
Prerequisites: None


The Essentials & Enhanced program is designed to address driver behaviour and attitude regarding workplace safety and professionalism in the operation of vehicles and equipment. It benefits all employees, whether they drive to and from work, or for work. The program offers up to 30 driving-related topics, all developed from a behaviour-based model designed specifically for the workplace.

The one-hour topical sessions, ideally delivered during monthly safety meetings by an experienced facilitator, are highly effective because of the recurrent themes presented and the peer-to-peer discussions. The topics help raise awareness of traffic safety and problems, and offer self-improvement strategies which motivate participants through various stages of change over a sustained period of time.

This unique training model has been confirmed to positively change a culture within an organization by providing employees with the tools and education to make long-term change in their driving behaviour.  As a result, organizations committed to this approach can mitigate risks associated to poor driving behaviour and attitude. The active participant becomes an active employee who becomes an active citizen.

Course Components:

There are two components: Essentials and Enhanced. Essentials has 11 core topics and is a pre-requisite for Enhanced. Larger numbers of participants can inhibit the powerful interaction that occurs within smaller groups. A maximum of 20 participants allows for a better learning experience and gives the facilitator the ability to effectively facilitate discussions. The discussions will encourage an exchange of opinions and ideas.


IntroductionInattention/DistractionThe Startled Driver
Animal AvoidanceDriver ImpairmentUnsafe Speed
EmotionsRestraint SystemWinter Driving
Driver Fatigue & DietThe Professional Driver


BackingFoundation of DrivingSpace Management
Basic Driving SkillsJackknifeTires and Wheels
BrakingLoad SecurementTrailering
ComplacencyMountain DrivingDistraction
Urban ConflictsPre/Post Trip InspectionsPersonal Protective Equipment
RolloverRural Conflicts

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