On-Scene Collision Investigation & Data Collection

Length of Course: 4 hours
# of Participants: 12 – 20
Recommended for: Everyone
Prerequisites: None


When a company vehicle is involved in a motor vehicle incident, it is imperative that the organization or owner looks after their own best interests. While the police and insurance company’s complete investigations for their purposes, your business concerns are ultimately not their primary concern. This course teaches the driver the key elements of what and how to collect information at a collision scene.

This half-day course was developed specifically to assist organizations and owner-operators in the collection of evidence and data at motor vehicle crash scenes, so that immediate cause, liability or financial responsibility can be determined.

Course Components:

Collision Investigation Protocol

  • Criteria for response
  • Police involvement – Levels of investigation

Scene Duties and Responsibilities

  • Immediate requirements
  • Company policy and procedure
  • Documentation of evidence (Photography & Evidence)
  • Collection of third party data
  • Response

Dealing with Enforcement

  • Legal requirements
  • When and why to assist

Incident Investigations

  • Importance
  • Objectives
  • Investigation process
  • Claims handling

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