Fitness to Drive

Length of Presentation: 1.5 hours
# of Participants: maximum 30
Recommended for: Everyone
Prerequisites: None


Fitness to Drive (FTD) examines cognition, as it relates to driver fitness and the safe operation of motor vehicles or heavy equipment. We look at how the brain processes information while driving and what impact distractions have on cognition and peak driving performance. We sift through research on distracted driving that has been conducted over the past decade and discuss the most important findings with links to cognition.


  • Art vs. Act
  • Cognitive Skills for Driving
  • The Brain & Distracted Driving
  • Myth Busting – Multi-Tasking
  • Checking Out vs. Checking In
  • Risk Identification
  • Cognitive Testing
  • Driving Basics
  • The Brain & Normal Driving
  • Current Issues
  • Passengers
  • What is Cognitive Impairment?
  • Bill C-45
  • Benefits
  • What is Cognition?
  • What is Distracted Driving?
  • Impacts of Technology
  • Driver Condition & Environment
  • Causes of Impairment
  • The “Driving Tsunami”

This highly informative and topical session often leads to enlightening discussion about incidents that occurred as a result of driver distraction and/or cognitive impairment. This presentation is ideal for anyone that operates a motor vehicle for work or pleasure. Specific issues and scenarios from the client can be emphasized and incorporated into the presentation to customize the material.

Our clients come from many sectors, including but not limited to: forestry, oil and gas, transportation, motor coach, and municipal government. Many of our presentations, including the “Standard of Care” and “Your Greatest Risk” presentations have benefited our clients by positively impacting driver behaviour and attitude, resulting in decreased frequency and severity of motor vehicle incidents and associated costs.

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