The Challenge

Length of Presentation: 3 hours
# of Participants: Recommended 1-30
Recommended for: Everyone
Prerequisites: None


Standard of Care – the Challenge will show the statistical information that supports the fact that operating a motor vehicle or piece of equipment is a person’s greatest risk for serious injury or death both in and out of the work place. All drivers need to assess their own driving ability and need to make changes to their driving behaviour to lessen their risk. Everyone is responsible on the road!

This fundamental presentation will CHALLENGE you to assess the following:

  1. Awareness of the Risk associated with driving/operating a vehicle
  2. Attitude
  3. Removing the word “Accident” from your vocabulary
  4. Speeding
  5. Driving as an ART not an Act
  6. Seat belt use

This highly informative session often leads to enlightening discussion with regard to current and local issues, with specific reference to recent court rulings in company litigation cases. Specific issues and scenarios from the client can be emphasized and incorporated into the presentation in order to customize the material.

Our clients are from many sectors, including but not limited to: forestry, oil and gas, transportation, motor coach, and municipal government. The Standard of Care (SOC) and Your Greatest Risk (YGR) presentations have benefited our clients by decreasing the costs associated with motor vehicle incidents. These sessions shatter typical myths such as: |I’m a good drive”, “It won’t happen to me”, and “The bigger the vehicle, the safer I am.”

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