Anatomy of a Rollover (AoR)

Length of Presentation: 3 hours

# of Participants: maximum 30

Recommended for:

Drivers who operate a heavy commercial vehicle,

Supervisors, and

Fleet managers

Prerequisites: None


This presentation focuses on the dynamics of a rollover and the five specific causes. Contributing factors are discussed and drivers are given the tools/knowledge to prevent rollover type incidents from happening to them.

Advantage Fleet Services Inc. (AFSI) has developed the AoR presentation to deal specifically with logging truck rollovers. Rollover incidents are very costly and often involve serious injuries and/or death. These incidents also become very high profile in the media due to their seriousness and their disruption to traffic. Large commercial vehicles are not designed to be on their sides and offer limited protection to the driver when not on their wheels. The saying “keep the rubber part down and the metal part up” came from the transportation industry and was specific to rollover-type incidents.

There are many different configurations of trucks that have been approved over the years and are still currently being used in the transportation of both long and short logs. It has been shown through detailed analysis that a log haul professional driver with 30 years’ experience will never haul the same load (dynamically) twice. It is critical that the loader and the driver work together to build the best load possible to improve overall stability during the transportation process.


  • Dynamics of a rollover
  • The five causes of a rollover
  • Specific case studies with supporting physical evidence
  • Importance of load securement and the dynamics of various loads (can be customized for the client)
  • Tire and road surface considerations
  • Incident examples

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