Fuel Management

Length of Course: 8 hours
# of Participants: 12-30
Recommended for: Everyone
Prerequisites: None


Fuel is high on the list of costs for all fleets. Many of our clients are telling us that fuel is their number one controllable cost. With the ever-increasing cost of all vehicle fuels, prudent managers are searching for ways to improve their efficiency in this part of their business.

Natural Resources Canada’s FleetSmart program, a comprehensive Fuel Management plan, has been developed in collaboration with the various transportation industry groups. Advantage Fleet Services Inc. has been approved by Natural Resources Canada to offer these programs.

Fuel Efficiency Workshops

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure!” These workshops assist companies with developing a plan to improve their fuel efficiency, implementing that plan, measuring and monitoring its success and reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

The program is designed around 4 phases:

  1. Why you should have an energy management plan;
  2. How to make a plan;
  3. How to benchmark your fleet;
  4. How to sell, implement, analyze and continue your plan.

Why do we need a fuel management plan? As managers you may have been asked these questions?

  • We need a baseline of the fuel usage for our fleet. How do we do that?
  • How do we make our fleet more fuel efficient?
  • How do we cut our costs and reduce our impact on the environment?
  • How did you answer these questions? Did you have the answers? How were your answers received?

Fuel Management 101, a one-day workshop, will provide you with the tools necessary to answer these questions, many tips and ideas, and a template for creating a fuel management plan for your fleet. The information in this program applies to fleets of all kinds; if you manage a municipal fleet, taxi fleet, trucking company, courier company etc. you’ll find the information invaluable.

SmartDriver Training

Although there are many aspects to improving fuel efficiency, proper driver performance has the largest impact on making improvements. We offer these industry specific programs:

  • SmartDriver for Highway Trucking
  • SmartDriver for Forest Trucks
  • SmartDriver for School Buses
  • SmartDriver for Transit
  • SmartDriver for in the City (designed for fleets operating in an urban environment)

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