Case Studies

North American Forest Industry Licensee


AFSI delivered “Standard of Care” awareness sessions to all contractors. One contractor, after participating in the session, made this training mandatory for all his employees. Prior to the session, one of the office staff would not wear her seat belt, but following the session she made a conscious decision to start wearing it. A number of weeks later she rolled her vehicle while attempting to avoid a deer; because of the training she is adamant that the seat belt saved her life.

British Columbia Forest Industry Licensee


This company had 27 rollovers in an 18 month period. Advantage Fleet Services Inc. (AFSI) conducted an analysis of contributing factors and developed a training session focused on the Anatomy of a Rollover (AoR). All employees, loader men, and contractors received this training. Only one rollover occurred in the 18 month period following the training; the person involved had not attended the AoR training session.

British Columbia Urban Cement Company


AFSI reviewed current insurance and incidents of their fleet. An Incident Management system was implemented and their vehicle insurance was updated. This reduced their insurance premium by $85,000.00 in the first year.

Canada-Based Lease Rental Company

2AFSI assisted the fleet managers with claims management and liability issues which improved their discount by more than 20% in the first three years.

British Columbia Based Long Haul Trucking Company

3AFSI worked with owners to improve overall fleet management and compliance issues.
This increased overall business by 10% in two years and took the company to a “Satisfactory” audited status with NSC. Their road safety performance improved and insurance discount increased to 58% from 35% in four years.