Category: Presentations

Fitness to Drive

Fitness to Drive (FTD) examines cognition, as it relates to driver fitness and the safe operation of motor vehicles or heavy equipment. We look at how the brain processes information while driving and what impact distractions have on cognition and peak driving performance. We sift through research on distracted driving that has been conducted over the past decade and discuss the most important findings with links to cognition.

Your Greatest Risk (YGR)

Your Greatest Risk (YGR) speaks to the risks inherent to driving. It is an excellent introductory presentation for any organization. This awareness session is the first phase in our Behaviour-Based Driver Training Program. The presentation connects the relationship between individual due diligence, vicarious liability and Bill C-45.

The Challenge

Standard of Care - the Challenge will show the statistical information that supports the fact that operating a motor vehicle or piece of equipment is a person’s greatest risk for serious injury or death both in and out of the work place.

It’s your Life to Live

It’s your Life to Live is a Driving Awareness/Information presentation. It shows statistical information that supports the fact that motor vehicle incidents are the number one cause of death from age 4 to 34, brain injuries, and spine injuries. This presentation explores how and why incidents happen.