Pre/Post Trip Inspection

Length of Course: 4 hours

# of Participants: 8-20

Recommended for:

Drivers who operate a heavy commercial vehicle,

Fleet Drivers,

Maintenance Supervisors, and

Clerical staff involved in maintaining NSC records.


Minimum class 7 driver’s license


This course consists of a classroom and practical application session. Upon completion of this half day course participants will understand how the law relates to a pre-trip inspection and how the pre-trip inspection is an integral part of the paper trail and dove tails into due diligence. Participants will learn the requirements to satisfy the inspection, when to submit inspection reports, and what law enforcement looks for.

All Commercial Vehicles must be inspected before they are used each day and at the end of the final trip each day. Commercial Drivers/Carriers have a responsibility to ensure that the vehicles they drive are safe. By taking the time to complete the pre-trip, costly route delays can be avoided, and the chances of a crash caused by mechanical failure is greatly reduced.

Course Components:

  • Pre-Trip
  • Mental pre-trip
  • Other Planning Factors
  • Planning the Trip
  • Legal Requirements
  • Inspection report
  • Levels of Inspection

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