National Safety Code (NSC)

Length of Course: 4-8 hours

# of Participants: maximum 20

Recommended for:

Drivers who operate a heavy commercial vehicle,

Supervisors, and

Fleet managers

Prerequisites: None


The National Safety Code (NSC) is the compliance standard for the management of fleets, both nationally and provincially. All fleets require a safety certificate to operate and this certificate is obtained through the Provincial authority of NSC. Anyone within an organization who has some responsibility with the drivers, vehicles and/or incidents related to the fleet needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements under NSC. The fleet profile (safety rating) needs to be obtained and reviewed on, at least, a quarterly basis.

Course Components:

Participants will be introduced to NSC and all the compliance standards that are applicable to their company. The workshop will integrate current company policies and procedures that are applicable to NSC so the group can evaluate the fleets on road safety performance.

The workshop will address:

Driver Requirements

  • Hiring standards
  • Abstracts
  • Hours of Service & Training
  • Contraventions

Vehicle Requirements

  • Pre-Post trip inspections
  • Annual inspections
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Manufacturer recalls
  • Notice & Orders
  • Out of Service Criteria

Incident Management

  • Protocol
  • Claims vs. In house
  • Incident Investigation
  • Claims management
  • Property damage

Fleet Management

  • Fleet safety plan
  • Administration
  • Safety rating

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