National Safety Code (NSC) Compliance Review

Is your organization on the radar of regulatory compliance agencies?

Have you received an intervention letter from National Safety Code (NSC) staff?

Do you have a Conditional carrier safety rating?

Are you struggling to develop a framework for compliance with the NSC?

Are you preparing for a NSC audit or compliance review and want to know if you are ready?


At Advantage Fleet Services Inc., our Associates have over one hundred years of combined expertise in helping carriers with their regulatory compliance issues, developing customized safety plans to meet requirements, and guiding fleet management and staff. We have a proven record, recognized by CVSE, in assisting carriers that have seen their on-road safety performance decline. Our customers have seen significant improvement after implementing our recommendations aimed at achieving sustainable results.

Our Approach:

We conduct an in-depth review of all facets of carrier safety, focussing on the areas where our customers are having issues and the causes of their compliance violations. It’s not all about documentation – we address fleet and driver management processes that impact regulatory compliance. While the primary goal is to improve carrier regulatory compliance, in many cases our recommendations are aimed at generating multiple benefits. We take a three-pronged customer-centric approach:

  1. If your organization has the knowledge, skills and resources (staff) to implement our recommendations, we encourage you to do so;
  2. If your organization has the resources to implement our recommendations, but lack the necessary knowledge to do so, we will provide training to enable your staff to confidently lead and manage change;
  3. If your organization has neither the resources or skills to implement our recommendations, we will develop a prioritized implementation schedule and systematically implement the recommendations. In some cases, this may lead to an ongoing service agreement.

Note: This service can be provided in conjunction with our Fleet Risk Assessment service

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