It’s your Life to Live

Length of Presentation: 1 hour
# of Participants: n/a
Recommended for:  High School students
Prerequisites: None


It’s your Life to Live is a driving awareness presentation designed specifically for high school students. It shows statistical information that supports the fact that motor vehicle incidents are a major cause of injury or death from age 4 to 34. This presentation explores how and why incidents happen.

The presentation is focused on youth and contains some graphic videos and photographs that stimulate awareness to the inherent risks associated with driving, or being a passenger and a pedestrian/cyclist around motor vehicles. The focus of the message is to drive as an ART not an ACT.

Many case studies are reviewed to support the need for all drivers to assess their own driving ability and to make changes to their driving behaviour to lessen the exposure.


  • Standard of Care
  • Experience counts
  • The incident triangle
  • Kinetic Energy
  • The startled driver
  • Braking performance
  • Driver condition
  • Art vs. Act
  • Vehicle condition
  • The importance of tires
  • Environment
  • Stable platform concept
  • Speed kills
  • Use of seat belts

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