Towing Light Utility Trailers

Length of Course: 4 hours
# of Participants: 8-12
Recommended for: Everyone
Prerequisites: None


Advantage Fleet Services Inc. (AFSI) has created a complete Towing Light Utility Trailer Course specifically developed for clients who utilize light trailers in their business. This program meets WorkSafe regulation requirements as each individual training module was developed from the OEM manual specific to that piece of equipment. AFSI has built this course in such a way that organizations can have the course customized to meet their specific needs.

Course Components:

Training Modules (may include the following)

Segment 1: Introduction

  • Introduction
  • Course Syllabus
  • Program Introduction
  • Safety Messages
  • Mounting and Dismounting
  • Seat Belt
  • Safety Decals and Alerts
  • Fire Safety
  • Tire Safety
  • Driver Licensing Requirements

Segment 2: Trailer Combinations

  • Tow Trailers & Combinations
  • Trailer Hitch Combinations
  • Trailer Brake Options
  • Pintle Hook Connection
  • Ball Hitch Connection
  • Trailer Jack Stands
  • Trailer Tilt Deck/ Ramp Deck Apparatus

Segment 3: Tow Vehicle Trailer Hook Up

  • Procedure for Trailer Hook
  • Warnings
  • Ball/ Hitch Connection
  • Pintle Hook/ Hitch Connection
  • Trailer Pre-Trip Inspection
  • Truck/ Trailer Secured Hook-Up
  • Pre-Departure Safety Check

Segment 4: Trailer Brakes

  • Surge Brakes
  • Electric Brakes
  • Vehicle in Cab Electric Trailer Brake Control

Segment 5: Load Distribution/ Secure Cargo

  • Preparation for Loading a Trailer
  • Know your Weights
  • Trailer Load and Ball Size
  • Tongue Weight (Hitch)
  • Trailer Tires
  • Loading to a Tilt Deck Trailer
  • Loading to a Ramp Deck Trailer
  • Trailer Deck Load Distribution
  • NSC Standard 10 Cargo Securement

Segment 6: Tow Safety

  • Speed
  • Stopping
  • Acceleration
  • Steering Input
  • Passing
  • Up Hill/ Down Hill Control
  • Negotiating Curves
  • Turning at Intersections
  • Vehicle Dynamics, Oscillation, Trailer Yaw
  • Backing Safety

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