Driver Assessments


Advantage Fleet Services Inc. (AFSI) works with clients to assist to develop their drivers as exemplary professional drivers. A professional driver is obligated to demonstrate compliance with all the safety regulations and practices. If high risk violations occur, it could impact a company’s relationship with its clients, their National Safety Code (NSC) carrier profile (if applicable), and insurance premiums. If enough points accumulate as a result of NSC violations, a company is at risk to lose their NSC certificate number. Consequences include a company’s inability to insure their fleet and thus incapacity to conduct their business.


Driver assessments are commonly used to assess a driver’s skills prior to hire or at any time to determine their driving ability. AFSI can provide this risk assessment as well provide coaching to current employees requiring remedial training.

AFSI uses current industry, “best practices‟ when conducting evaluations. AFSI will also work with the client to provide an objective assessment of a driver, as well offer an evaluation with recommended training if required.

Whether it is the result of lack of training, poor skills, or poor driver attitude and behaviour, any risky behaviour noted during the evaluation is reviewed with the driver and dove tailed with applicable coaching. In addition to feedback provided verbally to the driver, a final written report would be submitted to the client.

Topics Evaluated

  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Observation Skills
  • Space Margin Skills
  • Speed
  • Steering
  • Communication
  • Hazard perception
  • Violations
  • Dangerous actions
  • General driving
  • Attitude
  • Professionalism

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