Category: Training & Services

Fitness to Drive

Fitness to Drive (FTD) examines cognition, as it relates to driver fitness and the safe operation of motor vehicles or heavy equipment. We look at how the brain processes information while driving and what impact distractions have on cognition and peak driving performance. We sift through research on distracted driving that has been conducted over the past decade and discuss the most important findings with links to cognition.

Your Greatest Risk – Essentials & Enhanced

The Essentials & Enhanced program is designed to address driver behaviour and attitude regarding workplace safety and professionalism in the operation of vehicles and equipment. It benefits all employees, whether they drive to and from work, or for work. The program offers up to 30 driving-related topics, all developed from a behaviour-based model designed specifically for the workplace.

National Safety Code (NSC) Compliance Review

An Advantage Fleet Services Inc. (AFSI) Associate will conduct a review of all NSC-related practices, including an examination of a representative sample of key documents (e.g. driver files, vehicle records, HOS records and incident/claims management). Reviewing these documents will allow AFSI to ascertain a customer’s level of compliance and potential readiness for an external audit. A report will be provided, including recommendations relating to regulatory exposures.

Fleet Safety Manual

Most commercial carriers have long established policies and procedures that govern safe and efficient operations. However, many fleets have not documented these policies to use as a training or marketing tool, or evidence of due diligence. Compiling these policies and procedures in a comprehensive manual is one of the most significant steps a carrier can take towards risk management.

Fleet Risk Assessment

Advantage Fleet Services Inc. AFSI) can establish the root cause(s) of any incident and complete an analysis of trends and/or patterns regarding the incident by completing a Fleet Risk Assessment. When assessing an organization’s risk, there is often a connection found between the level of risk associated to vehicles and the existing policies, procedures, and training.

Driver Assessments

Advantage Fleet Services Inc. (AFSI) works with clients to assist to develop their drivers as exemplary professional drivers. A professional driver is obligated to demonstrate compliance with all the safety regulations and practices. If high risk violations occur, it could impact a company’s relationship with its clients, their National Safety Code (NSC) carrier profile (if applicable), and insurance premiums.